Thematic Units

It is possible to visit the city of Rome following the thematic units, according to the historical periods or simply according to the nature of the monuments, tourist sites and archaeological findings. So, you can choose among Mediaeval Rome, Renaissance Rome, Baroque Rome, Piazze di Roma (Squares of Rome), Fountains of Rome, etc.
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Visit to the Hadrianís Villa near Tivoli and to the Villa díEste in the city of Tivoli

Hadrianís Villa, the most beautiful imperial Villa designed and built by emperor Hadrian at the beginning of the 2nd Century A.D., Tivoli, Villa díEste (visit), enchanting Renaissance Villa, housing a multitude of sublime fountains and superbly arranged Italian flower gardens.
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Discover Jewish history and cultural heritage in the city of Rome

Visits to the Jewish quarter, to the Synagogue and to the Jewish Catacombs* (on request)*

*For some of the aforementioned places it is necessary to be booked in advance, so that the time schedule must be rigorously respected. The beginning of the visit has to be established in advance as well as the number of persons planned for the visit.
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Visit to Ostia Antica

The ancient Roman city of Ostia was in antiquity situated at the mouth of the river Tiber, about 30 kilometers to the west of Rome. The shoreline moved seawards, due to silting, from the Middle Ages until the 19th century. Therefore, Ostia is today still lying next to the Tiber, but at a distance of about three kilometers from the beach.
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