Castelli Romani

Castelli Romani is the zone situated southern and southeastern from Rome, in the heart of “Campagna Romana” and relatively close to the coast of the Tyrrhenian Sea.
Il Parco Regionale dei Castelli Romani is situated about 20 km to southeast from Rome and it extends over the area of about 9.500 hectares incorporating the territories of 15 municipalities of the Colli Albani: Albano Laziale, Ariccia, Castelgandolfo, Frascati, Genzano di Roma, Grottaferrata, Lanuvio, Lariano, Marino, Monte Porzio Catone, Montecompatri, Nemi, Rocca di Papa, Rocca Priora e Velletri.

The area of the Colli Albani is characterized by a particular morphology constituted from double concentric belt of relieves of hills and mountains the heights of which are between 200 and 950 m and determined by an intense activity of volcano Laziale, that was active between 600.000 and 20.000 years ago.

The territory of the park is rich in very different ambient: fertile hills with vineyards, olive-yards, thick woods of chestnut trees, multi-species meadows and two lakes: Lago Albano and Lago di Nemi that occupy the craters of former volcanoes, numerous historical centers and archaeological zones of great interests.

Visits cannot last less than three hours (outside the city of Rome, it is a full day visit).

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