Ancient Rome

Visit the Roman Forum, Palatine hill, Coliseum and discover the life of Ancient Romans.
Take a stroll down the centuries and discover the fascinating life of Ancient Romans, see by their eyes, think as they used to do and at the end of the tour realize how much they influenced the Western culture and our lives as well.
The visit lasts about three hours.
With an official tour guide, you can avoid the line and will be able to take advantage of all possible shortcuts.
Visit to the Pantheon included on request (in that case, it would last an additional hour and a half).

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Opening hours Roman Forum:
9.00 AM - 1h before sundown
There is no entrance fee.

Opening hours Coliseum:
9.00 AM - 1h before sundown

The cost is 8.00 Euro, with entrance at Palatino + 2.00 Euro possible exhibition supplements

Opening hours Palatin Museum:
9.00 AM - 1h before sundown

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